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La Magione dei Todaro

Genuine tuscany hospitality

Ancient farmhouse dating back to 1700, the Magione dei Todaro is located in the ancient village of Buggiano Castello. The small village is renowned for its beautiful gardens full of citrus fruits and flowers of rare beauty, which grow there thanks to the microclimate that is created on the hill.

The semicircular structure overlooks the ancient Palazzo Pretorio dating back to 1138 on one side, on the other the silent valley, with a wonderful view of the nearby Tuscan villages.

The MAGIONE DEI TODARO an oasis of greenery and silence that has stood still over time.

Our house consists of 4 apartments, they are authentic places, carefully furnished in Tuscan style and characterized by the ancient charm of the objects that inhabit them.Each apartment will make you remember the Italy of the past and its traditions, with the lifestyle that only a small Tuscan village can tell … Each bedroom enjoys a view of the countryside and the adjacent villages and the outdoor terrace makes every moment of the day pleasant and poetic.

Buggiano Castello is almost entirely inhabited by local people, suggesting peace and tranquility ‘. It is entirely accessible on foot and partially by car, there are about 100 houses throughout the country, each of them has gardens full of citrus fruits, especially Lemons, Cedars, and Mandarins … These gardens are real museum itineraries that can be visited during specific events.

5 rooms


High chair


Coffee maker

Air conditioning

Washing machine

Free parking





Terrace – balcony

Piazza Pretorio, Buggiano Castello, Buggiano PT, Italia



Michele, a lover of nature and the simple life, has dedicated a lifetime to the recovery of this ancient farmhouse from the 1700s in Buggiano castle.