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Visit artisan woodworkers Roberta Brizzi

We are artisan woodworkers and we create unique and extremely high-quality pieces.

The beauty of our creations comes from our dedication to the ancient artthat we love and that we continue to study and keep alive with the utmost respect for our heritage.

We make each door and each piece of furniture just like a tailor makes a custom garment. We create antique italian doors.

Each one is a unique creation: the faithful fulfillment of a desire.

The need for a balance between aesthetics and functionality is fully satisfied in our country stylekitchens and our antique wood flooring and patinated ceilings.

We give a form to precious antique wood using scrupulous building techniques and giving preference to the mastery of joints, twisted rivets and hand forged metal hardware.
The unmistakable patina of the finishes gives each of our pieces the authentic charm of antiquity, a soul that emerges from rustic essences as well as refined lacquers, being reborn in the splendor of gilding and painted artistic decorations.

For all of our clients we devote careful attention to the design of each piece, together with offering a wide range of customizations.

The “Bottega Roberta Brizzi” was born in Buggiano Castello where the owners still live. Subsequently the operational headquarters and the showroom move to Massa and Cozzile (PT) in via 1 Maggio 142. Visits are recommended by appointment only.

Info and reservations: / tel. 3351012349 – 3484934989 – 3388570406

Pils of history

Roberta Brizzi was born in Florence and had her first experiences in the furniture restoration workshop of her “blond grandfather”. She graduated from the prestigious institute of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and specializes in Restoration of cultural heritage. Subsequently she works alongside skilled Florentine craftsmen and becomes an expert in furniture finishes, both in the wood patina and in the decorated versions. Furniture painting and finishing.

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Via Primo Maggio, 142, 51010 Margine Coperta-traversagna, Massa e Cozzile PT, Italia


Roberta Brizzi