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Villa Sermolli

Valdinievole sunset

One of the most fascinating places in Buggiano.
Enjoying a sunset and the view from its terrace is one of the unmissable experiences to do.
The villa as we see it today is the result of an expansion occurred in the eighteenth century when it was purchased by the Sermolli family.

The notary Pietro Sermolli is settled here at the beginning of the century and the house was transformed into a villa, gradually incorporating other houses and providing it with a wonderful garden enclosed within the walls.
The family tradition of Sermolli to color the walls of their houses with the particular Pompeian color gave rise to the characteristic facade.
The use of Rosso Buggiano has become over time a custom at Buggiano Castello and also in the surrounding areas, so as to be now a distinctive feature and recognizable by the whole Valdinievole
The garden is a small baroque jewel, an open-air scenography where are placed the rooms of the lemon house on which there is the beautiful panoramic terrace full of plants, open to the valley.

In the garden are scattered plants of different varieties, from citrus trees in pots, hydrangeas, magnolias, up to large palms and cypresses. Tubs, wall-mounted lemons, wall-mounted caves and a characteristic water lily pool.
Through stairs you reach the floor of the panoramic terrace.
The interior is also a celebration of art with decorations dating back to the nineteenth century.
The historic villa is now used as a place of hospitality with luxury apartments, rooms with panoramic views, rooms for events and a very impressive restaurant.

Hotel Villa Sermolli, Via Umberto I, Buggiano Castello, PT, Italia

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