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La campagna dentro le mura

Citrus gardens and secret gardens

Since 1997 “La Campagna dentro le Mura” is the most important event of Buggiano Castello (Pistoia), during which the country’s private gardens are opened to the public.

Every two years, the inhabitants of the medieval village open the doors of their houses to the numerous visitors, who come to the village to admire the characteristic citrus gardens and the secret gardens, opened exceptionally for the event.

The gardens inserted in the circuit are nineteen and it is possible to visit them freely during the two opening days, welcomed and guided by the owners; other collateral initiatives complete the event, such as live music, art exhibitions, animation for children, tasting of typical products.

The tradition of garden gardens in Buggiano Castello has its roots in ancient times, being already documented in the Land Registry of the Municipality of 1427. They are mainly cultivated with aromatic and ornamental plants, but among them the citrus fruits stand out, a particular presence in Tuscany of the preappennine hills: the Microclimates Buggiano Castello, mitigated by the southern exposure of the country and the presence of the waters of the nearby Padule di Fucecchio, has allowed citrus fruits to find here a particularly favorable habitat.

The aims of the event are many: make known to the general public the green spaces of the private residences of the medieval village, which constitute an original botanical heritage; enhance the tradition of the cultivation of the garden-garden; renew the ancient customs of hospitality and hospitality of the small community of Buggiano Castello; insert an original experience, matured in the field of historical Tuscan gardening, in the national context and… protect and enhance the environmental heritage of the hills of Valdinievole.

Buggiano Castello, PT, Italia