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The route starts and arrives at the Public Parking of Colle di Buggiano.

Starting, you climb taking the ancient paved staircase to reach the square of the village of COLLE, we enter the village by the door and proceed to cross the village.

All roads lead north.

Then exit and, continuing we reach the S.P locality CROCIALE and then the MARGINE DEI FERRI.

From here, to the left.

You descend and at the 1st junction you keep the Right (locality BANDACCIA) to continue for loaclità CERRONE FRATTA POLVERIERA until you reach the Km 2.

After 50 meters continue right until the junction locality NONNI; from here on the left go up until you reach the asphalted Via Comunale STRADELLA.

Turn left to reach LA CARTA.

The signs will advise you to take left via PIEMMAZZESE.

Along the way down, you will find the craft BREWERY NOSTRALE; we recommend a stop for a drink and to admire a beautiful view, continuing to Km 7 locality BIONDINO continue up to TOMBOLI.

Continue left to reach the junction that meets the path 5 and 8.

Here you have to take left to Locality BIACCONE , ROCCO (near church) until you reach the junction in the locality L’OLOCCO; take right and past the stream Cessana at the junction on the left VIACCIA locality you go up to meet paths 5-6-8; locality LA PIANA from there you go up towards the arrival.

  • 8.6 km
  • 243 m