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Sgranar per colli

Walk. Discover. Taste.

Sgranar per Colli is a tasting walk born in 2016.

It is an excursion of about 12 km, exploring some of the most hidden and evocative paths of the territory of Buggiano.

The route winds through the hills of the town of Buggiano (Stignano, Colle, Buggiano), to discover the villages, flavors, landscapes that our land offers, to reach the final stage in the picturesque Villa Bellavista.

It is an itinerary through history, landscape and traditions, where participants along the way can taste local products: wine, oil, jams, honey, cheese and delicious traditional dishes

And it’s not over here, the walk is accompanied by musicians, actors and animators born and raised in Buggiano.

The initiative is for everyone. Children, adults, the elderly, whether or not they live in the Valdinievole area, tourists, passers-by, food and wine experts, professional and improvised hikers.

There are no limits to target, for an initiative that precisely because of its characteristics is able to involve everyone.

But Sgranar for Colli is not only a tasting walk, it is an event to 360 º, structured on three days full of initiatives.

In fact, every year comes the organizers presented a varied program in the name of flavor and tastes.

At the Villa Bellavista Park, there are usually stands and characteristic vans Street-food, music, show cooking, exhibitions, Handmade market, Bike for hills, gathering of wasps and Lambrette and tours of the hills, yoga on the way, all held together by the common thread of “good local food” and being together.

During the three days there is also the Bellavista Social Fest, a music festival with nationally renowned artists and local groups.

Villa Bellavista, Via Livornese di Sopra, Borgo A Buggiano, Buggiano PT, Italia