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Located at the far north of the municipality, Malocchio is a small town where there are a few scattered houses immersed and hidden among chestnut and beech woods.

Despite the name certainly not happy, here you will find no witches, or traces of invoices or spells!
The particular toponym “Malocchio” is of uncertain origin, but in the area it has never had a negative meaning. It could derive from the Latin and identify an area of apple orchard (Malu-occule), although over time it has been proposed the derivation from its physical feature of plateau, closed between the mountains and with limitation to the view over the landscape.

Although it is not very populated, here you may come across its inhabitants who feel very strong their belonging to this territory and never fail to stop to tell stories and anecdotes about these places.

The Church of San Frediano stands out and you will come across it as soon as you arrive. It is the central point of the place, documented as early as 1260 and for which over time it has often been remembered how difficult it was to find a priest “to be located in a desert place and in the middle of the woods” (cit. from Old Castles of Valdinievole p. 227). ‘
Inside it conserves a splendid table of Florentine school of the ‘500 with the “Madonna delle Grazie and some Saints”.

Every year, in Malocchio in the first days of September we celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of the Pistoia plain and Valdinievole from fascism and fascist occupation in 1944.
Here, as in many other places in Valdinievole, the retreating German troops were responsible for atrocious acts that cost the lives of many locals who are remembered every year.
Just above Malocchio, there is the locality of Agnanello, the highest point of the whole municipality of Buggiano, where once there was a religious settlement and today there is only a trace in a small Margin.

The area is surrounded by meadows and woods, rich in landscape. It is a place of rest and quiet, quiet and very cool in summer.

From here pass several trails to discover on foot or by bike beaten by locals and tourists who along the river Cessana climb the mountain.

Discover the trails that pass through here!

Malocchio, PT, Italia

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