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Fiera in selva

Every year, the last weekend of Marchtakes place the traditional and characteristic Fair in Selva, which has always attracted many people from all over Valdinievole. Given the particular moment of the year in which it takes place, it is to be considered as atribute to Spring.

Plants, flowers and fruit trees of all kinds are exposed on the lawn of the church of S.maria. There are also stalls, appetizing foods, delicacies and rides for children.

It is one of the festivals most felt by the inhabitants of the village that await you from year to year with eager anticipation.

Among the many delicacies that can be found, are famous the traditional Brigidini of Lamporecchio, which are displayed on most banquets and freshly prepared at the time, the tasty crunchy that, while they are prepared, fill all the air around with a pleasant aroma.

If you are in the area at the end of March, we recommend that you stay here for a few hours and live an authentic experience.

Pils of history

The first news we have of the Fair in Selva dates back to 1367, when Coluccio Salutatiwas elected ‘orderly’. It reached the peak of fame in the nineteenth century, so that it was called “the queen of all the fairs in Valdinievole”known as “a large market of cheeses, wine, dried fruit, brigidini, “toys for children” and “poplars, mulberries and trees of all kinds”.

The Fair has evolved over time, so many features that were part of the local folklore have disappeared. Among these, they remember, the traditional huts of kennels,under which they used to eat tasty slices of home-made bread, stuffed with no less tasty slices of local ham, all watered (not always to the right extent) with the best wines of the area” (A.M, I Vecchi castelli di Valdinievole)

Via Santa Maria, Borgo A Buggiano, Buggiano PT, Italia