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You can find it next to the Town Hall, between the buildings.
The church was part of the convent of Santa Marta, was dedicated to the saint in 1517 and intended for the use of Benedictine nuns.
It is very dear to the inhabitants of Borgo a Buggiano because it preserves the ossuary of the fallen in war, tombstones and graves of the Borghigiani soldiers.

The church has a single nave with a barrel vault and decorated with stucco in Baroque style following the eighteenth-century restructuring.
Inside there are some interesting and valuable paintings such as: “Saint Benedict heals a child” and “The Assumption of the Virgin“, both animated by a strong sense of devotion and particularly intense.
On the high altar there is a work representing “S. Marta doma un drago“. In Christian iconography the dragon is the representation of Satan, and in particular this story tells the story of a dragon named Tarasca who ravaged the plains and prevented men from living in peace. The saint then chased him through the woods, marked him with the sign of the cross and the holy water, tied him to his belt and managed to tame him.


The former convent of Santa Martahas hosted for many years the premises of the municipality and the library, but until 1881 it was the home of nuns devoted to San Benedetto.
They assisted the needy and the education of girls in times when there was no public school.

Piazza Matteotti, 1, Buggiano, PT, Italia

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