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Montecarlo di Lucca

Borgo a Buggiano – Montecarlo (circa 11 min con auto, circa 7,2 km)

Montecarlo di Lucca is a charming and picturesque medieval village that stands on an isolated hill on the border between Valdinievole and Lucchesia.
Its landscape is characterized by extensive olive groves and vineyards, and is famous worldwide for its significant wine production.

Founded in 1333 by the Emperor Charles IV, after the same one freed Lucca from the occupation of Pisa, from here comes the name of Monte/Carlo (Mons Charoli), that is the Mountain of Carlo.

Today Montecarlo is a very appreciated land, a village that still preserves intact historical testimonies, churches, monuments and above all a solid fortress.
The fortress of Cerruglio, which takes its name from the hill on which the historic center stands, Colle del Cerruglio, is still the symbol of the country.
Also in the center, there is the small Teatro dei Rassicurati, which was frequented by the maestro Giacomo Puccini. At the foot of the hill stands one of the oldest churches in Tuscany, dating back to Christianity: the Pieve di San Piero.

Montecarlo is also an integral part of the “Wine and Olive Oil Road Lucca, Montecarlo, Versilia”, that is the routes aimed at encouraging the knowledge of wine through a direct knowledge of the territory and the surrounding environment. On the official website find all the wineries participating in the initiative.

There are also numerous initiatives organized in this small village, among them emerge: the “Wine Festival” between late August and September; the “Montecarlo Jazz and Wine”; the “Via Vinaria”, between open cellars and tastings in May; and again “Montecarlo è di strada” an entire weekend of July dedicated to art and crafts, all accompanied by good food and the inevitable wine of Monte Carlo.

Montecarlo, LU, Italia