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Breathing and walking are two of the most natural things we do and learn techniques that combine the rhythm of breathing, the pace, meditation, Yoga create a new extraordinary experience.

BREATHWALK is a series of meetings aimed at the knowledge of Breathwalk, a technique that derives from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, which integrates breathing, walking and meditation in specific models of exercises.
A wonderful combination in which the Pranayama (breathing exercises), the rhythm of the steps, the repetition of the Mantra, the asanas blend creating a new vitality.

The benefits of this technique are many, from the improvement of energy levels, the control of the mood, to refine the qualities of the mind bringing more lucidity and intuition, up to the sense of connection of our little ego to the vastness of the universe.

This wonderful technique, as simple as effective, is composed of:

PHASE 1 AWAKENING, awaken the body and mind with pranayama, triggering breathing and a series of standing exercises to release the diaphragm, open the chest and bring awareness to the breath.

PHASE 2 ALIGNMENT we begin to walk slowly bringing awareness on the posture of the body, a careful analysis that starts from how we lean the foot on the ground up to all the alignment of hips, shoulders, neck and mind.

PHASE 3 VITALIZATIONthis is the nucleus of the brethwalk, we synchronize the steps with the breath and the mental recitation of a mantra, the real meditative walk according to different respiratory modules (for example, breath segmented in 4/4 or complete breath 4/8).

PHASE 4 BALANCE Now that we have created a change in our energy, our attention and mental state, we create balance with a series of stretching exercises and opening the senses.

PHASE 5 IntegrationThe final phase of the breathwalk, the meditative part, exercises of interiorization and visualization to connect mind, body and spirit to the experience of the present, an inner walk.

BREATHWALK is a truly unique experience, through beautiful paths and landscapes in the unspoilt nature of Buggiano and Tuscany.

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