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Just 14 km from Borgo a Buggiano is the largest Italian marsh area: the Padule di Fucecchio, with its approximately 1,800 hectares divided between the provinces of Florence and Pistoia, between the Valdinievole and Montalbano.

A naturalistic oasis, perfect for those who love bird watching, as it hosts about 200 different species of birds, from the black stork, to the crane, to the herons, the most characteristic of this area since during the reproduction period they form the so-called “Garzaia” the most consistent nesting colony in central and southern Italy.

By calling the Visitor Center of the Padule di Fucecchio Nature Reserve in Castelmartini, in the municipality of Larciano, it is possible to book a visit and do bird watching in the appropriate structures (casotti). They also host permanent and temporary exhibitions on the humic area, organize guided excursions and educational workshops, aimed at both schools and adults and children.

The Padule bears the signs of the historical events that have crossed it and preserves the testimonies of the work of man, which over time have changed its structure: the canals, the system of ports, the Medici bridge of Cappiano and many others.

Today it is possible to cross these canals with the characteristic boats called the “barchino”, completely immersed in the noises that nature gives you.

Padule di Fucecchio, Fucecchio, FI, Italia