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The Doors of Buggiano

There are two access gates to the village of Buggiano Castello, and once they were incorporated into the walls.

You can find the Porta al Borgo, or Porta Sermolli, on the southern side of the village, the most known and dominating the entire Valdinievole.

The gate was incorporated into the complex of Villa Sermolli in the eighteenth century, still remembers a watchtower with its characteristic battlements.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a short break in the most panoramic point of the country, along the wall enriched by the characteristic orange trees, overlooking the valley.

On the other side of the village you can cross the Porta San Martinowith its barrel vault and access Buggiano from the east, enjoying the scents and nature, olive trees and cultivated terraces that surround this place.

The door is very suggestive in its position now isolated and without traces of the city walls.

In front of the small church of San Martino, which can only be visited outside and under restoration.


On the Porta San Martino is carved an ancient coat of arms of the City with the depiction of the Bue andante devoid of the Florentine Lily.

The Giglio was added only after 1330 when the City passed under Florentine rule.