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Monsummano Terme and the Grotta Giusti

Monsummano Terme and the Grotta Giusti

A few kilometers from Buggiano is Monsummano Terme with its hill, Monsummano alto, which stands out on the Valdinievole with its 340 meters high.

In the main pizza of the village you can visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Fontenuova, a wonderful example of Tuscan Baroque, The Museum of the city and the territory was built where once there was the tavern of pilgrims who welcomed foreigners who passed from here on pilgrimage on the way to San Jacopo.
A short distance away, the villa Renatico Martini houses a collection of contemporary art and frequent temporary exhibitions.

Outside the center is the Grotta Giusti, discovered by chance in 1849 by some workers who worked in the lime quarries of the area.
The name comes from the famous poet Giuseppe Giusti because the quarries in question belonged to his family.

The cave extends for 300 meters and the poet himself called it “the eighth wonder of the world”, rich in labyrinths with stalactites and stalagmites that culminates in a pond of thermal water suitable for therapeutic purposes.
Here arose a beautiful spa that offers, in addition to the path inside the cave for effective antrotherapy, an outdoor pool with hot water, wellness and massage.

Traces of the Middle Ages are found in the fortress of Monsummano Alto from which you can enjoy a boundless panorama over the valley, very impressive especially at sunset when the valley is tinged first with orange, then pink, purple, darkening more and more until it becomes night blue.

Also Montevettolini is characterized by an ancient fortress and like the other surrounding villages within the domain of the Medici family who built a villa here with a hunting reserve.
By car: from Buggiano you can reach Monsummano Terme in 20 minutes following the regional road 436.

Monsummano Terme, PT, Italia