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Church and former Monastery of Santa Scolastica

Recently renovated and used as a place of luxury hospitality, the former monastery dominates the profile of Buggiano Castello. and you will be fascinated during the day for the majesty of the loggia and at night for the suggestive lighting.

Today it is visible only in the outside and you can appreciate all its beauty from different points of view: from the outside of the village, from the valley, and in part of the fortress.

The monastery was flanked by a church that had the classic Matroneo reserved for women. The church was enlarged in the eighteenth century when the architect Fernando Pacini also realized the characteristics visible today.


The monastery, according to Benedictine tradition, had a garden dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal herbs, the so-called garden of the simple.
Still today in the gardens of Buggiano in addition to the centuries-old olive trees, citrus fruits and fruits, spontaneous medicinal plants grow.

Pils of history

The monastery was founded in 1517 because in Buggiano there were many young people “willing to serve God“. In order for the nuns to have access to the income they had to welcome the poor in the “special”. The nunsleft the convent following the suppression of the religious orders in the late eighteenth century, and although the monks of the nearby abbey of Santa Maria succeeded them, in 1808 the monastery was definitively abandoned and sold. In 1915 it was again inhabited by Benedictine nuns who remained for about fifty years, until it finally passed to private individuals.

Buggiano Castello, Piazza Pretorio, Buggiano, PT, Italia