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Historical figure

Andrea Cavalcanti

(1412 – 1462)

Andrea di Lazzaro Cavalcanti, known as “il Buggiano“, was a sculptor and architect, an exponent of the Di Filippo Brunelleschi school, and his adopted son.

He was active in Florence at the cathedral of Santa Maria del fiore, S. Maria Novella nella which sculpted the pulpit and in S. Lorenzo where he worked at the Old Sacristy. But he also created works between Buggiano and Pescia.

As an architect his activity is little documented.

He designed perhaps buildings such as the oratory of the Madonna a di Piè di Piazza (1447) or the chapel Orlandi-Cardini in the Church of San Francesco a Pescia.It seems that in Buggiano Castello he was the architect of the project of the magnificent Cloister of the Benedictine Abbey.

All these buildings are examples of an architectural style of the early Renaissance that continues the tradition based on purity of lines and formal rigor of Brunelleschi.