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Circular walking trails with “A Giro Trek”

Discover the territory of Buggiano walking in the company of Danilo Giusti, professional guide and deep connoisseur of our hills!

You can choose between two routes and get advice on the one that suits you best.

Itinerary 1

Borgo > Bellavista > Santa Maria in Selva > Stignano > Campioni > Malocchio > Cozzile > Massa > Colle di Buggiano > Buggiano Castello > Borgo

28 km approxaltitude difference 500 m approx

Route rich in different and particular views that leads us to know much of the territory of this small but economically active town of Valdinievole.

We start from mercato del bestiame square and head south until intercepting the embankment of the river Cessana, continue until the seventeenth-century Villa Bellavista to enjoy the view over most of the province… The name of the facility is no accident!

We leave again to the center of Borgo from which we head towards the castle of Stignano, here begins the climb that will lead us between mule tracks, narrow streets and beautiful passages in the woods up to Malocchio, excellent is the cuisine of the trattoria da Valentino, obligatory a refreshing stop!

The ascent at this point is over, we are in the middle of the route and from here we enjoy the descent to the village of Cozzile, we enter the neighboring town of Massa and Cozzile, from here the itinerary leads us to discover, always downhill the village of Massa and in succession those of Colle and the Castle of Buggiano, we return in a short time to the starting point.

Itinerary 2

Borgo > Cessana > Castello Colle > Massa > Croci > Verruca > Tomboli > Mazzalucchio > Cozzile > Borgo

25 km – elevation gain approximately 650 m

Route for those who do not get intimidated by the climbs!

We start from the cattle Piazza del bestiame and head towards the comfortable street Cessana that runs along the stream of the same name; at the height of Molino Standipesce, for an uphill mule track we gain the Castello di Buggiano, we get lost in the pretty streets of the village and continue on the path until Colle di Buggiano; a short paved stretch leads us on a beautiful path surrounded by olive groves to the village of Massa, characteristic village built in the thirteenth century.

From here we descend briefly to cross the stream Volata through a medieval bridge, go up the opposite coast until we first meet the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmel in Croci and then the remains of the castle of Verruca.

The climb continues, sometimes challenging, up to the village of Tomboli, the mixed forest of chestnut trees gives its cool even in the warmer season.

At Mazzalucchio we are at the “cima coppi” of our itinerary; it’s time to jump into the descent that leads directly to Cozzile and then to “direttissima” descend to Massa; from here the return can be done on asphalt roads with very low mileage or retracing the route of the outward route to Borgo a Buggiano.

Cost and booking info:

Danilo Giusti – Qualified Technical Environmental Guide Hiker

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